Just Interpretation offers interpreters, equipment, sound engineers and project managers for on-site simultaneous conference support. Simultaneous interpreting is often used for larger meetings with multiple speakers and audience members. The flow of communication is achieved through the use of such technology as microphones, earpieces, and soundproof booths. Due to the spatial limitations of most facilities, the interpreter(s) cannot see the speaker as they are delivering their speech. This provides some difficulties, as even with video monitoring equipment, the interpreter(s) cannot pick up subtle nuances in the speaker's tone and mannerisms.

Simultaneous mode of interpreting is mentally taxing and requires a high level of concentration, necessitating two simultaneous interpreters of comparable skill. The average length of time an experienced simultaneous interpreter can interpret for is approximately 20 minutes. The second simultaneous interpreter, listening/watching the speech on audiovisual equipment, would then step in to alternate with the first simultaneous interpreter to ensure seamless interpretation.

Our team will take time to accurately profile your specific needs and recommend a customized solution to ensure your conference is a successful one.

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