The demand for Medical Interpretation in healthcare and medical settings has grown significantly and is a reflection of the diversity of patients and providers today. Proper and accurate communication of symptoms, diagnoses and treatment is integral and a tremendous task that is typically legally required to ensure appropriate care and prevent medical mishaps. Oftentimes, Medical Interpreters are serving as cultural liaisons for patients who are uncomfortable and new to medical environments.

As a result, organizations like the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (, International Medical Interpretation Associations ( and The Joint Commission (, have stepped up efforts in accreditation and certification of interpreters. Their goal is to encourage medical facilities and their staff across the country to embrace working with qualified medical interpreters who have the proper experience, training and certification. Medical facilities are gradually requiring that medical interpreters provide documented references in regards to education, language evaluations, and medical clearance including background checks.

Our experienced medical interpreters are certified and accredited with a strong knowledge of medical terminology, procedures, ethics and understanding of the daily workings of hospitals and clinics to effectively serve the patient and medical staff.

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